Physics Research Conference 2014-15

The Physics Research Conference is held on Thursday at 4:00 P.M. in 201 E. Bridge, unless otherwise noted. Refreshments are served in 114 E. Bridge at 3:45 P.M. If that room is not available, they are served 108 E. Bridge. All talks are intended for a broad audience, and everyone is encouraged to attend. 

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October 2
Thomas F. Rosenbaum
Correlations, Fluctuations, and Disorder at Chromium's Quantum Phase Transition
Hirosi Ooguri
October 9
Christopher Jarzynski
U of Maryland

Irreversibility, information and the second law of thermodynamics at the nanoscale

Michael Roukes
October 16
David Stevenson
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Hirosi Ooguri
October 23
Alex Zettl
UC Berkeley
Exploring sp2-bonded materials: From graphene liquid cells to atomic collapse
Nai-Chang Yeh
October 30
Mina Aganagic
UC Berkeley
Math, Physics and Duality
Hirosi Ooguri
November 6
Jesse Thaler

The Case for Jet Substructure

Clifford Cheung

November 13

Jason Petta
Princeton University

Quantum dot micromaser driven by single electron tunneling
Gil Refael
November 20

Seth Lloyd

Quantum machine learning
Sean Carroll
December 4
Mark Van Raamsdonk
University of British Columbia
Gravity and Entanglement
Sean Carroll
December 11
Graham Farmelo
Visiting By-Fellow, Churchill College,
Adjunct Professor of Physics at Northeastern University, Boston
Paul Dirac - the theorist's theorist
Hirosi Ooguri
January 8
Paul Goldbart
Georgia Tech
Seeking simplicity in complexity: A physicist's view of vulcanized media
Gil Refael
January 15
Gavin Crooks
UC Berkeley and LBL
Optimal Thermodynamic Control and the Riemannian Geometry of the Ising model
Sean Carroll
January 22
Tim Tait
UC Irvine
Searches for Particle Dark Matter
Clifford Cheung
January 29
Heather Knutson
Atmospheres of Extrasolar Planets in the Super-Earth Era
Hirosi Ooguri
February 5
Kip Thorne
Interstellar: A Physicist's Adventures in Hollywood
John Preskill
February 12
Immanuel Bloch
Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik
Controlling and Exploring Quantum Matter at the Single Atom Level
Michael Roukes
February 19
Dave Reitze
Advanced LIGO: A Prelude to Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy
Rana Adhikari
February 26
Andrea Cavalleri
University of Oxford
Optically driven quantum solids: emergence without equilibrium
David Hsieh
March 5
Francis Halzen
University of Wisconsin-Madison
IceCube and the Discovery of High-Energy Cosmic Neutrinos
Sunil Golwala
April 2
Lyman Page
Princeton University
The CMB and Neutrinos
Chris Martin
April 9
Umesh Vazirani
UC Berkeley
Testing Quantum Systems
John Preskill
April 16
Fiona Harrison
The Environments of Black Holes - New Understandings from NuSTAR
Tom Prince
April 23
Cindy Regal
University of Colorado Boulder
Interferometry in a strong light
Rana Adhikari
April 30
Chris Xu
Cornell University
In vivo Multiphoton Imaging of Mouse Brain
Michael Roukes
May 7
Amir Yacoby
Harvard University
Quantum Information Processing and Metrology Using Few Electron Spins in Solids
Jason Alicea
May 14
Joseph Lykken
Neutrinos are Everywhere
Maria Spiropulu
May 21
Werner Hofmann
The Galaxy in a new light: Gamma-ray astronomy with Cherenkov telescopes
Chris Martin
May 28
Alan Guth
The Biard Lecture - Inflationary Cosmology: Is Our Universe Part of a Multiverse?
Sean Carroll

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