Physics Research Conference 2015-16

The Physics Research Conference is held on Thursday at 4:00 P.M. in 201 E. Bridge, unless otherwise noted. Refreshments are served in 10 8 E. Bridge before the lecture at 3:45 P.M. and after the lecture at 5 P.M. All talks are intended for a broad audience, and everyone is encouraged to attend. 
The Feynman Lecture Hall has video recording capability as of 5-Nov-15. The series of recorded PRC lectures can be viewed here. They may also be viewed on the Title linked page for the individual speaker below.

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October 1
Holger Müller
UC Berkeley
Atom interferometers measuring the fine structure constant and probing the dark sector
Rana Adhikari
October 8
Eugene Mele
U Penn
The Winding Road to Topological Insulators
Jason Alicea
October 15
Jim Fuller
The powerful magnetic fields of red giant stars
David Stevenson
October 22
Eric Mazur
Confessions of a converted lecturer
Gil Refael
October 29
Savas Dimopoulos
Experiments Big and Small
Clifford Cheung
November 5
Luis Lehner
Perimeter Institute

Surprises in (strong/non linear) gravity

Mark Scheel

November 12

Mansi Kasliwal

Special Division Seminar --
See the Sound: In Search of the Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Waves
Fiona Harrison
November 19

Brian Swingle

Einstein's Equations From Entanglement
Sean Carroll
December 3
Jorge Cham
PhD Comics
Science communication and the making of The PHD Movie 2
Jason Alicea
January 7
Yuri Levin
Monash University
Magnetic toys in the sky
Rana Adhikari
January 14
Omer Tamuz
What does a typical dynamical system look like?
Fiona Harrison
January 21
Stefan Leichenauer
UC Berkeley
Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Gravity, and Quantum Information
Sean Carroll
January 28
Claudia de Rham
Case Western
What can we learn from modifying gravity ?
Sean Carroll
February 4
Anyes Taffard
UC Irvine
The Large Hadron Collider: Awakening at the
next energy frontier
Maria Spiropulu
February 11
Rafael Yuste
The Novel Neurotechnologies: simultaneous 3D all-optical imaging and activation of neurons in living brains
Michael Roukes
February 18
Cumrun Vafa
Fundamental Lessons From String Theory
Hirosi Ooguri
February 25
Eric Betzig
HHMI Janelia Research Campus
Imaging Life at High Spatiotemporal Resolution
Michael Roukes
March 3

Michael Crommie
UC Berkeley

Imaging Relativistic Fermions in Atomically- Engineered Graphene Potentials
Nai-Chang Yeh
March 31
Steven Block
Optical Tweezers: Gene Regulation, Studied One Molecule at a Time
David Hsieh
April 7
Charles M. Marcus
The Niels Bohr Institute
The Biard Lecture: Basic Components of Solid-State Quantum Computing Hardware
Michael Roukes
April 14
Maria Zuber
Internal Structure of the Moon from the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) Mission
Sunil Golwala
April 21
Patrick Huber
Virginia Tech
Antineutrino reactor monitoring and applications to nuclear non-proliferation safeguards
Ryan Patterson
April 28
Liam McAllister
String Theory and the CMB
Chris Martin
May 5

UC Berkeley
When a Symmetry Breaks
Clifford Cheung
May 12
Ana Maria Rey
Building with Crystals of Light and Quantum Matter: From clocks to computers
Jason Alicea
May 19
Fernando Brandao
Quantum Physics of Information
Fiona Harrison
May 26
Daniel Lidar
Adventures in quantum optimization with noisy qubits
Maria Spiropulu

2014-2015 Physics Research Conference Lecture series can be found here

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